🥂Thank you to all Sydney Sake lovers😘

Over the weekend of Sept 30 & Oct 1, we hosted the Australian Sake Festival in Sydney.

This was the second time to hold Sake Festival in Sydney after it made its debut last year, in October. However, this year saw a much larger scale event in a much larger venue.

This year’s Sake Festival in Sydney was held at Carriageworks and welcomed close to 6,500 visitors over the 2 day event.

Festival tickets included the option of our customised Sake Festival glass and the opportunity to sample a diverse and extensive range of Japanese sake and other beverages. 

With a large number of stalls and around 300 sake on tasting – from sparkling sake, low alcohol sake, aged sake, to sake based liqueurs, and much more – there really was something to suit every palate. Once again, the folks at Sakenet had tastings of hot sake on offer, which proved very popular despite Sydney turning on some exceptionally warm weather.

A great selection of tasty treats were on offer from a variety of local restaurants and producers to compliment the sake tasting experience. 

Our entertainment program, featuring a diverse range of artists, performers and musicians, along with discussion panels and a Kagami Biraki ceremony each day, took place on centre stage and was very popular with the crowd. The Taiko drumming performances certainly raised the pulse of the festival-goers and got the atmosphere pumping. 

Our separate screen area saw narrated screenings of our exclusive Edo-themed digital art exhibition, along with free educational seminars.

The seminars, presented in turn by Melbourne based Sake Samurai and Sake Educator, Simone Maynard, Perth based Sake Educator, Sandra Gwee, and our 2 international guests: Tokyo based Wine and Sake Sommelier, Wayne Shennen, and President of Izumibashi Sake Brewery in Kanagawa Prefecture, Yuichi Hashiba, were all incredibly well attended.

It just so happened that the second day of the festival fell on World Sake Day (October 1st), and it was a truly memorable way to celebrate Sake’s special day with a whole lot of wonderful sake lovers!

The weekend was a wonderful celebration, not only of Japanese sake, but also of Japanese culture. 

We look forward to our next Sake Festival in Melbourne in July, 2024, and of course our return to Sydney in September, 2024.

We wish to thank everyone who attended the festival and we hope to see you again next time!


Video Production: @ma_ishot88

Photos by: Sayu Matsunaga


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