⛳️ Exclusive EPON Golf Club Experience Session at Sake Festival🏌️‍♀️

We’re thrilled to announce that at Sake Festival in Sydney, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to experience EPON Golf, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in Japanese golf club head manufacturing. Join us for a special session at the EPON Golf booth where you can explore the allure of their golf clubs.

Introduction to EPON Golf

EPON Golf, a globally acclaimed brand hailing from Tsubame-Sanjo in Niigata, Japan, is known for its expertise in metalworking and delivers the highest quality golf clubs. Combining cutting-edge technology with artisanal craftsmanship, EPON Golf’s club heads are a testament to the relentless pursuit of authentic equipment. These clubs have garnered support from both professional golfers and amateurs, becoming an indispensable companion on the golf course.

Meet Our Ambassador

Haruka Kikuchi, an ambassador for EPON Golf, hails from Japan and enjoys considerable popularity in Australia. Her remarkable skills and graceful swing have earned her significant recognition. She is a dedicated user of EPON Golf clubs and has praised their user-friendly design and exceptional performance. During this event, Haruka Kikuchi will conduct a live demonstration session at our booth.

Session Highlights

During the ambassador-led trial and observation sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to witness professional golfers testing EPON Golf’s clubs up close. Detailed explanations of the clubs’ features and performance will also be provided. The sessions will be held twice a day, allowing you to choose a time that suits you best.

Session Times:

1:30 PM / 3:30 PM

*Please note that session times are subject to change depending on circumstances. Feel free to confirm in advance or inquire with our staff at the booth on the day.

Join us for an unforgettable golfing experience with EPON Golf’s exceptional clubs and the professional expertise of Haruka Kikuchi. Their booth will feature exclusive content and merchandise showcasing the remarkable craftsmanship behind these golf club heads. We look forward to meeting you at the festival!

For more information about EPON Golf:

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