🎉 Exciting Timetables Released for the Melbourne show! 🎪📺

Get ready for a dynamic and immersive experience at the Australian Sake Festival in Melbourne! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our stage and screen timetables, featuring an incredible lineup of performances, captivating digital art, and informative seminars. Mark your calendars and plan your day to make the most of this unforgettable event!

Stage Timetable – July 1st & 2nd

11:20 AM – Kanzemi
11:40 AM – Wadaiko Rindo
11:55 AM – Rin-pa
12:15 PM – Mizuki
12:40 PM – Hananingen
1:00 PM – DJ Naru
1:50 PM – Kanzemi
2:05 PM – Wadaiko Rindo
2:20 PM – Rin-pa
2:35 PM – Mizuki
3:00 PM – Hananingen
3:20 PM – DJ Naru

Screen Timetable – July 1st & 2nd

11:30 AM – Life in the Edo Period through Ukiyo-e Prints (30 min)
12:15 PM – Sake 101 Seminar by Simone Maynard (45 min)
1:15 PM – Life in the Edo Period through Ukiyo-e Prints (30 min)
2:00 PM – Tamagawa Sake Seminar by Philip Harper (45 min)
3:00 PM – Life in the Edo Period through Ukiyo-e Prints (30 min)

Please note that the event will conclude at 4:00 PM, so plan your day accordingly to enjoy all the captivating performances, digital art exhibition, and informative seminars.

Come and immerse yourself in a celebration of Japanese culture, where traditional meets contemporary. Experience the vibrant stage performances, explore the fascinating world of Edo through Ukiyo-e prints on the screen, and deepen your knowledge of sake with our insightful seminars.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Australian Sake Festival and create unforgettable memories together!

The Australian Sake Festival Team


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