🦌Unearth the Hidden Gems of Nara⛩️: Showcasing Nara’s Artisan Crafts and Gourmet Delights!

Step into a world steeped in history and spirituality as you discover the cultural heritage of Nara -Japan’s first capital and the cradle of Japanese Buddhism. Just a short train ride from Kyoto and Osaka, Nara stands as a living testament to history, brimming with World Heritage sites and meticulously preserved temples and shrines. Its serene atmosphere sets it apart from the bustling tourist hubs of Kyoto and Tokyo.

The Nara booth promises to immerse you in a sense of historical richness through its collection of authentic crafts and culinary treats, each designed to enrich your mind and elevate your lifestyle.

Akahada-yama Motogama Furuse Gyozo, Ltd.

Known for Akahada-yaki, Nara City’s most renowned traditional folk art, this pottery studio boasts an impressive heritage. The 8th generation Gyozo Furuse continues to create beautiful pieces at the original site using high-quality clay from Akahada, enhanced by a rice straw ash glaze and traditional Noborigama kiln firing. Their artistry embodies the philosophy of Wabi Sabi, emphasizing the subtlety and timeless beauty in everyday wares, particularly their tea ceremony pieces.

  • Akahada-pottery, Akahadayama-Motogama, Sake Cup Selections
  • Akahada-pottery, Akahadayama-Motogama, Single Drink Set
  • Akahada-pottery, Akahadayama-Motogama, Japanese Style Nara-drawing Beer Mug
  • Akahada-pottery, Akahadayama-Motogama, Japanese Style Beer Mug

Golden Rabbit Beer

Situated in the ancient city of Nara, Golden Rabbit Beer’s mission is to capture Nara’s unique essence through their craft beers. They’ve initiated “The Gift of Kindness Project,” dedicating part of their profits to children in need and have won multiple awards for their craft beers.

  • Soramitsu
  • Aoniyoshi
  • Chihayafuru

Housekibako, Inc.

They offer a taste of Nara culture through their shaved ice, persimmon leaf tea, and persimmon leaf Genovese.

  • Persimmon Leaf Tea Syrup

Izumiya Beverage Dealer Co., Ltd.

As a regional alcohol wholesaler, they focus on promoting Nara and Kyoto’s local brands. With a diverse portfolio exceeding 50 items, they offer beverages crafted from Nara’s finest produce, such as tea, plums, rice, strawberries, and persimmons.

  • Tsukigase Cloudy Plum Wine
  • Kotoka Strawberry Cider
  • Fuyu Persimmon Cider

k2c Co., Ltd.

Specializing in confectioneries, they add a twist to traditional Japanese snacks. Their signature “Choco-ne” wraps Ramune candy in flavored chocolate made from Nara’s local fruits and tea.

  • Choco-ne Strawberry
  • Choco-ne Matcha
  • Choco-ne Crunch Milk Chocolate

Kuramoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Located in the rice-rich Yamato Kogen, they craft sake that honors tradition while setting new quality benchmarks. By paying close attention to natural ingredients, they create sake that embodies a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition.

  • Kuramoto SE
  • Kuramoto R1
  • Bodaimoto Tsuge no Himuro Long-term Aged Sake

Mori Naraduketen Co., Ltd.

A fifth-generation company, they specialise in narazuke, Japan’s oldest official pickle. Made without any sweeteners or additives, their narazuke captures the essence of traditional Japanese fermentation practices.

  • Japanese Pickles Naraduke

Nakamoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Established in 1727, they produce only high-quality junmai-shu, without any added distilled alcohol or antioxidants. Leveraging both traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, they deliver unique and delicious sake varieties.

  • Prince Nagaya
  • Junmai Ginjo Danchigai Dry
  • Long-term Matured Shochu

Nara Kasugayama Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Located near the famous Nara Park, they not only manufacture sake but also produce a range of shochu, liqueurs, and spirits. Their plum wines, in particular, have earned multiple awards and they’re continually developing new products for the global market.

  • Naramachikakuteru Ume

Okaimafushouten, Inc.

Established in 1863, Okaimafushouten is dedicated to crafting pure linen Nara Sarashi, a high-grade bast fiber fabric unique to Nara. They continue to employ traditional techniques, using hand-spun yarns to hand-weave their linen fabric. The company produces a variety of original items like shop curtains, bags, accessories, and dishcloths.

  • Linen Coffee Filter (At Work)
  • Linen Coffee Filter (After Work)
  • Linen Cloth (Large) White
  • Linen Cloth (Large) Ivory
  • Bleached Chanbukuro (Linen Tea/Soup-stock Bag)
  • Unbleached Chanbukuro (Linen Tea/Soup-stock Bag)

Pottery Studio, Akahada-yaki Masashi

Born as the third son of the long-standing Masando Oshio Kiln, Masashi proudly carries forward the Akahada-yaki tradition, which has been a part of Nara’s culture for over 400 years. After studying under esteemed predecessors, he opened his own studio in 2010. Using rare soil from Mt. Akahada, they craft beautiful pottery that marries tradition and modernity.

  • Akahada-yaki Sake Bottle
  • Akahada-yaki Tea Cup
  • Akahada-yaki Sake Cup

S. Imanishi Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1884, S. Imanishi Co., Ltd. is a brewery in the historical city of Nara, home to world heritage sites like Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga-taisha Shrine. They take great care in brewing sake, adhering to their guiding principles of skill, clarity, and tradition. Their brand “HARUSHIKA” draws inspiration from local legends and aims to please with its mild palate and fine finish.

  • Harushika Junmaiginjo Ginrei
  • Harushika Sakura Junmai

Sugahara Naoki

After completing his training, Naoki Sugahara now crafts Akahada-yaki pottery with a focus on living creatures. He believes in infusing his pieces with the warmth and earthiness unique to ceramics. The artist endeavors to create works that feel both lively and warm.

  • Akahada-yaki Deer Plate

Tatsumi Textile Co., Ltd.

Tatsumi Textile is a 93-year-old sock manufacturer based in Nara. Known for their durable toe socks, they serve a wide range of clients, from athletes to professionals in demanding fields. Their GUTS-MAN brand has seen steady growth over 16 years, catering to a broad customer base.

  • Thin Bellyband Naramaki
  • Guts-man Pile Strong Socks
  • Guts-man Strong Toe Socks

Yamato Honey Co., Ltd.

Yamato Honey began in 1945, specializing in beekeeping and honey production in Nara. Now they offer a range of portion pack products, including coffee and matcha. They aspire to bring unique and high-quality Japanese ingredients to global customers through innovative packaging solutions.

  • Koto no Yume Premium Strawberry Liqueur
  • Mead
  • Matcha Portion
  • Coffee Portion (Less Sugar)
  • Coffee Portion (No Sugar)

Yamato Urushi Kougei Sugimura

Yamato Urushi Kougei Sugimura focuses on the art of “Urushi” lacquerware. They meticulously craft pieces that are not only beautiful but are also deeply rooted in history.

  • Cypress Sake Cup 
  • Biwa (Japanese Lute) Incense Container 
  • Incense Container Samurai Spirit 
  • Taille-Kettle Sake Cup 
  • Sake Cup Tiger 
  • Makie Ring: Fugaku Sanjurokkei (Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji)
  • Natural Lacquer Chopsticks, Black 
  • Natural Lacquer Chopsticks, Red 

During the Australian Sake Festival, they will offer a Japanese Natural Lacquer URUSHI Experience.

<Workshop Details>
Session Times: 1:00pm / 2:00pm / 3:00pm (Sat & Sun)
Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Capacity: 6 people per session
Fee: $30 +GST

Note: This experience is only open to festival visitors. On-site registration is required, and spots are likely to fill quickly.

Yamaya Co., Ltd.

Yamaya is a small sock factory that has called Koryo, Nara its home since 1921. They offer a range of comfortable and stylish socks, continuing a tradition that traces back to their ancestor, Umamimura Yahei.

  • Alpaca Cable Pattern Socks
  • Organic Cotton Blended Yak Ribbed Socks
  • “Garabou” Organic Cotton Slipper Socks

Come explore the Nara City booth! Immerse yourself in the rich craftsmanship of ancient Nara and sample some of its unique specialties. See you there!


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